Piper Home Security Reviews

The growing interest in home security systems has resulted in an increased number of new security companies. One of these companies that are relatively new is iControl Networks from Canada and their Piper home security system.

Those looking for do-it-yourself solutions in this field should certainly consider Piper system which represents a modern and aesthetically pleasing security system for any home. People who love minimalistic design will find this system to be ideal. What makes this home security system different than most of the standard DIY home security systems is the fact that this is an all-in-one system. The vast majority of security systems consist of separate accessories and additional equipment, but this is not the case with Piper. Piper is actually a camera, sensor, motion detector, alarm and few other things carefully packed in one small, compacted package. This makes piper a perfect option for people looking for true value and minimalism in their DIY home security system.


Piper security system functions by synchronizing to the mobile device and the wireless network in your home. Users have the ability to manage the system with the help of the special Piper application, which works on Android and iOS devices. Unfortunately, Blackberry users don’t have this option. Of course, you can use the notification system for any important event in the form of emails, phone calls, text messages. Users can use all these forms of notification at once.

If you choose this do-it-yourself security system, you will definitely be amazed by the numerous features that this device has. Despite of its size, Piper comes with powerful built-in cameras that come with 180-degree lenses and full HD recording ability. This system also has special environmental sensors that are able to identify motion and temperature changes, sound and noises, light and humidity levels. It also comes with a very loud (105 decibel) siren that will turn on in case something goes wrong.

Many users are especially satisfied with the recording and video capabilities of Piper. Namely, you can watch live video footage directly on your smartphone which is great in case you have workers or caretakers inside your home and you are out. In case the system is activated when you are not at home, it records a 25 seconds long video footage which is streamed directly on your mobile device.

Many experts say that using only one Piper device is not enough to secure a big house, but you can always opt for additional equipment from the same manufacturer. You can synchronize several devices of this kind in different areas of your home where you need extra protection. The designers of this system provide a unique package that includes several piper devices. It is very easy to boost this system with Z-Wave based accessories like range boosters, door and window sensors and additional switches for lighting and home appliances.  You can compare Piper versus other security systems at Alarm Reviews home page.

Many users claim that Piper is a great system that is ideal for small apartments and houses. It has a reasonable price and it is very easy to install the system.