How to Find a Great Rental Property for a Great Price in Makati

The City of Makati is one of the most desirable cities in the Philippines because of its approximation to fantastic employment opportunities, entertainment, and attractions. Over half a million people currently call the area home, and it is one of sixteen cities which make up Metro Manila.

Because Makati is such a popular place to live, there are numerous rental opportunities available both in and around the city. But how can you find the best deal on the best property in the city?

Start Your Search Online

Whether you are looking for a vacation home or a property to take up residence in for an extended period of time, the Internet is your best resource for finding a house for rent in Makati. You may be able to find rental properties through a number of websites, though property portals and real estate websites will likely deliver the best results.

The key to finding a great rental property when searching online is to start as soon as possible. Though the website which you used to search for a rental property before may not have any listings today, it is important to remain persistent. These websites are often updated several times a day, so the listings you saw in the morning may be completely different at night.

Tell Friends and Family You Are Moving

Word of mouth is a great way to get some great deals on rental properties in Makati and other cities in the Philippines. By sharing with friends and family that you are moving, they may be able to give you leads on fantastic rental properties. Apart from making the search easier on you, there are other benefits to finding rental leads this way:

  • It allows you get into a rental property before it hits the market
  • You will likely get a better price on the property (because the property will not be on the market, there will be less competition meaning you can typically enjoy a lower rental price)

Rent a Single Family Home

Renting a single family home rather than a condo or a townhome can mean greater value. There are a lot of perks which come with renting a single family home, such as increased privacy, on-site laundry facilities and you have more space to move around. But another reason is because you may be able to find a single family home for a similar price as other accommodations.

A lot of homeowners in the Makati area are “accidental landlords,” meaning that they are renting their house because they are having a difficult time selling them in what is often a very competitive real estate marketplace. These properties often have a lower rent for two reasons:

  1. The home may not come with the same amenities; and/or
  2. The homeowner cannot afford to have the home vacant and the mortgage unpaid, so they want to rent the property as quickly as possible

A lot of homeowners who end up being “accidental landlords” also do not know what the going rate for rent in the area is. This too can certainly work in your favor.