Five Ways to Make Your Dorm Room Warmer

Unfortunately, bad windows and not pleasant overall condition of dorm rooms is a common problem that almost every student in the world faces. The best way to keep the room warm during the cold season of the year is to properly insulate windows in your room. This article will explain best DIY ways of windows insulation from best Mississauga windows experts.

  1. Rubber Weather Sealing: These strips are available in any local hardware store or even online. All you need to do is cut long strips of tape to fit your windows dimensions, and then simply peel and stick the tape to the windows frame in order to close any gaps and so keep the drafts out. This way of DIY windows insulation, according to Mississauga homeowners, is not only cheap and effective, but it brings minimal alterations to appearance of your windows.
  2. Window Insulation Film: This is a thing that is available in almost every hardware store. According to Brampton windows this is the most frequently used insulation option even in regular houses. You can even buy a special windows insulation kit that generally includes plastic shrink film which is then applied to the indoor of the windows frames with special double-stick tape. Then you need to heat it with a regular hair dryer. This will shrink the film and so remove any wrinkles. This is a cheap and effective way of windows insulation.
  3. Layered Curtains: In dorms curtains are essential if you want to preserve some privacy in the room. So when choosing your new curtains for dorms windows opt for heavy fabrics or choose layered options over the windows. In this way you will be able to get rid of drafts. The greatest benefit of this option is that you kill two birds with one stone: on one hand you can forget about the drafts and on the other hand you can use new curtains as a decoration for the room’s interior. The only disadvantage is that usually heave drapes have a price, however you can always find options for sale to find the best match in quality, style and price.
  4. Draft Snakes: These are fabric tubes which should be placed on windows sills or under the doors in order to prevent cold air from getting into the room. You can either buy these tubes or make them by sewing a regular tube of fabric that will fit the width of your windows and then just fill such tube with dried rice. The greatest advantage of such insulator is that it is cheap and can easily be done as DIY thing. The drawback is in fact that in this way you will insulate only the windows sill (which according to Mississauga windows experts is already a good start) but not the glass or frame.

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